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Vacuum gas atomization

Application field: metal powder in powder metallurgy.

Product Introduction

1. Use of vacuum gas atomization pulverizing device:

Vacuum atomizing pulverizing device is a device designed to meet the needs of atomizing pulverizing under vacuum conditions.

2. Principle of vacuum gas atomization pulverizing device:

Vacuum atomization pulverizing device refers to melting metal or alloy under vacuum conditions. After the furnace charge melts and reaches the atomization temperature, the operator pours the molten liquid metal into the heat preservation tundish under the protection of inert gas. The liquid metal will enter the atomization chamber through the draft tube at the bottom of the tundish. In this process, it receives the impact of high-pressure airflow from the nozzle to atomize and break the metal liquid into a large number of fine metal droplets, the droplets form a spherical shape under the action of surface tension during in-flight sedimentation and solidify into a particle-metal powder.

3. Features of vacuum gas atomization pulverizing device:

• Various powders of metals and their alloys that cannot be manufactured by water atomization methods and atmospheric environments can be prepared.

• Spherical powders can be prepared.

• Due to the rapid solidification without segregation, many special alloy powders can be prepared.

• Lower oxygen content metal powders can be manufactured.

• Using the appropriate process, can make the powder oxygen content and particle size and other parameters to meet the requirements of use.

4. Composition of vacuum gas atomization pulverizing device:

Smelting system, atomization system, vacuum system, gas source pressure and gas supply system, powder collection and trapping system, powder classification and batch packaging system, cooling water system, PLC control system, platform system, etc.

5. Control of vacuum gas atomization pulverizing device:

According to user requirements, the control system can be integrated into the console, all operations and related data are transmitted to the PLC of the system to achieve computing, display, processing, storage, control and other functions.

Technical parameters


Model XR-PF(KQ)
High pressure gas pressure 0~6MPa
High pressure gas flow            100~2000M3/H  
Boiler loading weight book kg (weight) 25 50 100 150 250 1000 500x2
Maximum melting working temperature 1750 ℃
Uultimate vacuum degree 6.6 × 10 Pa-3
pressure rise rate 5Pa /h
Thermometric thermocouple WRe5.26
Tundish heating power (KP) 25 25 35 35 45 45 45
Tundish heating mode Liquefied gas, resistive, inductive
Melting heating power (K) 50 70 100 160 250 400 400X2
Power 3-phase AC 380V 50HZ    
Cooling water consumption 30T/H   30T/H 40T/H 80T/H 80T/H
Cooling water diversion device Water cooling unit or plate heat exchanger
Control Relay or PLC program control (multi-range input, process curve storage)
Operation interface Push-button or touch screen
Maintain process 12 process curves
Data logging 12 data curve records
Data reading CF card (with card reader)

Production strength

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Appearance of the factory
Appearance of the factory
Appearance of the factory
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